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Boyer's Artisan Meatballs
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Our Story

The story of Boyer's Artisan Meatballs started years ago, in a humble home kitchen. We just wanted to make a meatball that we enjoyed, but that was better than what we'd tried before. So many meatballs seemed like they were just meatloaf balls with spaghetti sauce instead of ketchup. We thought we could do better.

So we came up with something we really liked, and took a crock pot full to an office pot luck. When the lunch started at noon, and by 12:20 every meatball was gone, we thought we were onto something. When time for the next pot luck rolled around, and request after request came in for more meatballs....we knew we were onto something. Our Original Meatball was born. 

Then we thought.....pretty much every place on the planet has their own version of a meatball...with ingredients native to that part of the world. So Italian, German and Greek meatballs came along. We catered a couple of events for family & friends, and the meatballs again disappeared. Going into business with these meatballs seemed like a good idea.

Over the next 3 years we developed a business plan, came up with new recipes, taste-tested them, made changes, taste-tested them again, brought in testing groups to tell us what they thought, catered a few more events, made some more changes to recipes and came up with more than 2 dozen varieties of meatballs....none of which would ever be mistaken for meatloaf balls with spaghetti sauce instead of ketchup. Now we are ready to release our creations for the whole world to enjoy!

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